Awaken to Your Deeper Self

Finding the Path of the Soul



Mardi Storm has a passion for helping others navigate opening to their soul’s truth. The Consciousness of the Soul remains a mystery and yet with guidance and support, continues to open and expand.  Everything has a Soul, and all things appear to be moving towards greater awareness. Come find inspiration to connect more deeply with your innate self. Instead of bypassing straight into the light, Mardi finds that true healing needs to first embrace with compassion the shadow, the awkward, and the difficult within us. This is the very essence of healing. Through unconditional support and acceptance, Mardi allows each person’s unfolding in safety into their authenticity.

Mardi Storm offers her healing support for the Soul through a variety of complementary forms including the breath with Awake! Breathwork, releasing energy in the body with Intuitive Bodywork & Massage, and accessing creativity and intuitive flow with Intuitive Soul Painting. She offers this work in private sessions at an office in downtown Sebastopol, and in group sessions and workshops, click on Events tab.

Awake! Breathwork

Awake! Breathwork is a beautiful pathway for waking up to increased awareness. It is a gentle technique for accessing energy, emotions, conditioning imprints and fears, releasing them and making room for our deeper truth and expanded consciousness, so that one may live fully and freely, embodying one’s authenticity.  The focus during a session is on going deeply within for healing, with ample time to explore your own inner workings – emphasis is not cathartic  release. The journey is highly experiential and personal. All that is required is a willingness to be open to a new experience that will feel unlike any other somatic experience. This practice builds more awareness of the body, our emotions, and who we are beyond body, emotions, and thought.

With guidance using this technique we can open up to a greater state of consciousness, providing stunning clarity and objectivity regarding what is true for oneself. In this work, powerful expansion and growth are possible, and the shedding of unwanted beliefs, patterns and habits can occur on a deep somatic level with the concurrent illumination of our shadow sides, and the expression, embrace, and release of our emotional reactions.

Awareness is the first key to change, and through breathwork new connections are perceived and deeper understandings of the soul are forged, allowing us to step into the radiance of our deeper Self, in greater harmony, flow, and joy with our life’s purpose.

Awake! Breathwork can be life changing! Some benefits experienced:

•    Awaken to greater Self-Love
•    Expand into Compassion for Others
•    Increase Vitality & Joy
•    Unlock Creative Flow
•   Healing the Physical, Emotional, and Mental
•    Release of the Past & Forgiveness
•    Reduce Stress & Heal Depression
•    Emotional Release Work
•    Nurture more Loving Relationships
•    Heal Sexuality
•    Manifest greater Abundance
•    Supports Spiritual Growth
•    Awaken to one’s Deeper Self & Greater Knowing
•    Attract a Life Partner & more Meaningful Friendships
•    Open to Life Purpose
•    Become Radiant
•    Connect to Source

History of Awake! Breathwork in a Nutshell

Awake! Breathwork developed out of Clarity Breathwork, over the past decade as an advanced certified Clarity Breathwork practitioner, Mardi received more trainings and teachings on her path and especially from the work with clients. In her experience Clarity Breathwork provided a very powerful piece but not complete in itself as an approach. Bringing in additional emphasis on the journey of the soul, Awake! Breathwork encompasses broader concepts, and cultivates direct personal experience.

Clarity Breathwork branched from Rebirthing in the late 90′s, founded by Peter & Dana DeLong, with Ashanna Solaris being Mardi’s mentor in this work when training. Rebirthing was developed by Leonard Orr in the early 1970′s, around the same time as Stanislaus Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork, but the two breathwork trees remain unrelated in style and approach. What is notable about Awake! Breathwork is the experience is not guided by music or otherwise, nor stimulated by rapid breathing, but is instead gentle and allowing for processing and shifting of the energy for deeper therapeutic purposes.

Intuitive Bodywork

Intuitive Bodywork helps release held energy and bring total awareness back to being in the body. Mardi provides a safe space for energetic and emotional release, and deep relaxation. Integrating many modalities – Swedish-Esalen, Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release, Cranial Sacral, Reiki and more, sessions encourage deep listening to the self in a nurturing, supportive space.

Each session is tailored to meet your body’s needs and the level of healing and nurturing support you are looking for. The approach is therapeutic – for the body and the soul, this is a place of deep honoring of your unique needs.

Intuitive Soul Painting

Intuitive Painting explores the embodiment of our personal expression and intuition in a transformative and healing process which uses creativity as a way to explore our unconscious, and to hone the skills of listening to the Deep Self. Using methods learned from Michelle Cassou’s Point Zero process and Stewart Cubley’s Painting Experience, combined with Mardi’s over a decade of experience supporting others intuitively with Awake! Breathwork, we will tap into our own personal creative flow, cultivating a space of non- judgment and deep listening to our inner self. For artists and non-artists alike, creativity wants to flow through each of us!

Available to support you in a private session with this work, please also visit workshops to find out about upcoming groups.

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