A Samhain / Halloween Blessing

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imagesWishing you and your loved ones – living and departed, a wonderful Halloween celebration and honoring of the spirits that walk amongst us every day. May there be many healings for our ancestors during this time when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. Where we are today is from standing on the shoulders of those who have come before – may we honor all the souls who have come before us, as we are all one family.

halloween01A time to remember beloved pets as well! Every year I make my own Day of the Dead altar, with photos of my loved ones, family, and beloved animal children, and say prayers to their souls for awakening and journeying to greater states of consciousness. And, to just send them my love. Listen closely, you may hear from them.


3 thoughts on “A Samhain / Halloween Blessing

  1. Thank you so much! I have your art on my wall and love it! This year I lost my Grandfather and my best friend my sweet aussie Ginger. I was wondering if I emailed you a pic of her if you could make a doggie angel? I have one of your horse angels it looks like my Kiger Mustang Kingston. Thanks and have a good day 🙂

    1. Kelly, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your Grandfather and dear Ginger. My heart goes out to you at this time of remembrance. I’d be happy to make a doggie angel for you. And I am glad you are enjoying your horse angel 🙂 Blessings to you.

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