Paths of Spirit

A Samhain / Halloween Blessing

Wishing you and your loved ones - living and departed, a wonderful Halloween celebration and honoring of the spirits that walk amongst us every day. May there be many healings for our ancestors during this time when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. Where we are today is from standing on the shoulders of those who have come before - may we honor all the souls who have come before us, as we...
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Proverbial Mountain

If its easy to get knocked out of your bliss state by hanging out with the less than enlightened folks, perhaps it is not strong enough to begin with. There is a time when we may need to protect and nurture ourselves, and the cave is good. I'm all for the cave, and surrounding ourselves with supportive energies and people who resonate with us. But if we have to remain in the cave in order to b...
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Jesus is just alright with me…

I had an interesting chat with a very religious person today over Facebook. I decided to share it here, as it provoked me to reply where I stand on this topic, how it fits in with my work, and how I honor all religious and spiritual beliefs. She messages me: "Please tell me you don't believe in you being an inner God." I reply: What are you referring to? She asked:  "when you think that y...
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Listening to My Own Inner Teacher

Today, we are so lucky - there is an amazing cornucopia of spiritual teachers, paths to enlightenment, healing modalities and personal development programs out there. It is an amazing sign of our times - I am thankful for every new yoga studio and life coach I see cropping up, as that shows there is real momentum here for shifting our Western materialist focus to one of spiritual values (even thou...
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