Don’t feed the vampires

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If we all did what felt right to us- instead of from a place of expectation – the world would be a better place. I might choose to cross an ocean for someone I hardly know and that would be a beautiful gift of kindness in the world. Its when we expect that person to do the same that we set ourselves up for disappointment. If we instead open to the trust the support is there for us – it comes in, sometimes from the people we least expect it from. Its when we expect returned favors for each act of kindness than we start to build resentment. That said, don’t feed the vampires. Follow your gut not your sense of obligation.

Here’s a lovely video showing random acts of kindness, it’s heart opening:
Humans helping strangers for no reason but kindness

This one makes me tear up, for those who care regardless of species:
Humans helping animals for no reason but kindness

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