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The other day, I was reflecting on some of my past experiences in two seemingly disparate communities I used to be a big part of, years ago. Then it hit me. They weren’t so different afterall. Both communities were built around the prospect of creating the most high-vibration, loving, and intentional community each was capable of creating. Neither were sustainable. Why? Because both communities were built around the basis of getting high, being high, rising higher and higher… til the crash.

Temple at Burning Man, Rosette by Vibrata ChromadorisLet me back up and give more details. One of these communities is the Burning Man community, and the San Francisco underground artsy dance scene that sprung out of it, hand in hand.  Lovely people. Wonderful time, really. Til problems arise, and the community shatters. Why? Because the community didn’t know how to handle shadow. It didn’t know how to face the shady underbelly of human nature and transmute it, heal it, embrace it, and make it whole again. The community just splintered into dozens of shards. I’m not talking all of the Burning Man community – that is too vast – I am just speaking about the pockets of Hippocampus by Mardi Storm at Sea of Dreamspeople in communities that made up the larger whole, the ones I got to know. I found myself departing those communities some time ago, for lack of depth that I sought. But dear friends remained and I witnessed. When folks came down enough to see the truth of what was happening, they left.  Getting high is fun, its wild, the vibration of just being in love with all the people around is wonderful, the spirit loves to get high – but what does the soul want? To only see the bright side? For how long?

78806-8629763-7The other community was of spiritual seekers and healers – we had so much fun resonating in that high vibration place – I don’t knock it one bit, its healing and expansive and lovely – but again, the spirit being high, just overlooked the shadow, to the point of denial of its existence. Spirit doesn’t want to hear about the bad stuff, lets make it good again so we can go back to all being in love. Beautiful, right? Then why did nasty divorces happen, why did someone kill themselves from financially induced depression, and why did other dark and shadowy undercurrents raise their heads in inopportune times?  I love to feel high as much as the next person from yummy energy, natural altered consciousness, changing my thoughts and vibrations, but I also do not wish to deny what else is happening. Being able to forgive, to look on the bright side, trust in the universe, and focus one’s thoughts on manifesting one’s reality, ought not to be at the expense of a reality check.  There is always more going on than what we want to see.  Can we do both, hold the shadow, bring the light to it, but not turn away?

Sunset at Big Sur by Mardi StormI feel there is a potential to integrate the whole, all of it, and still raise our vibration… from a soul level. The soul is all – not just the spirit who wants to be in the light high vibration places – the soul likes to roll around in the dirt. Get a real human experience. We learn by getting dirty, this is how we grow. And when we are truly aware and able to hold all – shadow and light – in an embrace of love and compassion, shadow transforms in the light of consciousness, and I experience a much more powerful sense of changing my energy and the world around me in a way that is built on solid foundations.

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    1. Thank you for reading, Danny. Great to hear from you. I look forward to a new community emerging that gets this and can walk through the fires of transformation together, and remain in community by having deep acceptance for shadow. Blessings to you!

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