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I had an interesting chat with a very religious person today over Facebook. I decided to share it here, as it provoked me to reply where I stand on this topic, how it fits in with my work, and how I honor all religious and spiritual beliefs.

She messages me: “Please tell me you don’t believe in you being an inner God.”

I reply: What are you referring to?

She asked:  “when you think that you can heal yourself and things like that. and to believe that you’re a God”

I reply: Not sure where you are getting “believe that you’re a God” from…? How I would put it is, the Divine is in all of us, and we are part of the Divine. Yes of course I can and have healed myself from things. Dis-ease starts as energy in the body and over time manifests as physical problems -we are first and foremost spirit; over time where we are “stuck” turns into physical symptoms. Of course we can heal that, by addressing the energy. I have helped other people in this way heal from radical life-threatening illnesses, by healing the trauma within our energy bodies.

She asks: “Wow, Ok then but what about Jesus what part does he play in this.”

I reply:  Jesus rocks. He came to the earth to teach people love and compassion. Unfortunately the religion that came after him doesn’t fully understand that. Jesus taught to have total love and compassion for every single human being. No condemning self-righteous behaviors. I see most of Christianity as not quite there yet. When people actually act like Jesus I respect them. I am all about love and compassion too. We are all sons and daughters of God/the Divine/ whatever you want to call it. All names of the Divine are holy. There is no one way because all ways are a part of the bigger whole that we can’t even grasp with our simple human brains. And Jesus is not the only one who came to teach love and compassion – the Dalia Llama and Babaji and Quan Yin are a few others I am acquainted with, and of course Amma and Mother Theresa. I call on Yeshua for some of my clients who are aligned with his pure energy consciousness- and he is very powerful and his love and compassion are palpable- never judgemental or condemning. But he’s not the Jesus many “believe” in– I only work with direct personal experience. I throw out the concepts that have sprung up around him. Yes, follow his ways of true love and compassion, and we each can access/return to the Divine. Because the ways of the Divine seem to be of love, compassion, acceptance, and kindness.

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