Multi-dimensional devices, aka “Do NOT try this at home!”

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Do NOT try this at home!!

I can’t make up stuff like this, reality is far weirder.

I had a rather unusual experience a couple weeks back, with a client whom I have a history of unusual experiences, and this one stands out. Traveling my consciousness on shamanic journeys into mysterious portals in a person’s body is not something I do everyday, and its not something I recommend doing, or being very, very careful. I will tell you more but first some history so its not out of context.

I have been working for the past few years with a delightful person who suffered intense ritual cult abuse as a child. We’ve done tremendous clearing of energy and beliefs stuck in the body. After a recent turn around on an extreme health situation, his health and energy vastly improved, when one day he came in sharing that he felt there was some kind of self-destruct programming in his body that was being activated every time he “spoke up”… and brought it reams of paper all about self-destruct programming in cult survivors, which he looked into after repeatedly intuiting this was happening in himself. As we moved into the session of energetic-shamanic bodywork, this was validated by a few different experiences of removing energetic beings and patterns of coding in resonance with this self-destruct pattern, embedded deeply in his body.

The client came in complaining his ankle hurt, and then told me its been hurting for a very long time (he just had other places hurting more, that we focused on previously!) I did find a low-consciousness being in his ankle, after initially clearing out a lot of syrupy energy. We removed this being, but there was something more.

It was a dot, a tiny spot, that with all my helpers, and his helpers, we couldn’t get to budge. What is this? My very intuitive client offered it was multi-dimensional, which is not a completely rare occurrence, as we’ve come across a few multi-dimensional portals in his body. What this means is its not really occupying energetic space in his body, so I couldn’t just move it out shamanically, or with the breath. This went somewhere else, and I was catching just a glimpse of where it lined up in this dimension.

Oh, boy.

Mildar_WormholeSo, I tried to trace it, where does it go? I have done this before, traced a thread back to the pocket dimension – literally a small pocket like a room, surrounded by nothing, which can be a place of entry for entities. I couldn’t trace this one. I quickly realized the only way to trace this one was to go into the portal. “OK – who is going in?” I ask of my helpers, and his helpers. No one raised their hand!!! In this moment I realized I felt a little nervous about any of them going into an energetic portal. To ask anyone else to do something dangerous that could be a trap. In those seconds, I decided I would go – afterall, I had a body with a pretty strong force to pull me back – though I’d never done anything quite like this. I took one of my guides with me, and leaped in.

My consciousness traveled quickly in a tunnel much like a wormhole, to a box room – squarish and surrounded by windows, much like a tractor. There was a being inside, and it was very angry. I found it. I called on one of my client’s guides very effective at extracting energy, he came from the outside to cut apart the tethers on this box and it collapsed towards me, rolling and scrunching and coiling up all the way to the entrance, with me zipping down that tunnel as fast as I could, while simultaneously pulling this whole clunky thing together to the entrance. It was a bit scary and unnerving, to be “inside” something collapsing, with an angry being. I got out, back into my body. I checked and re-checked, am I all here? It occurred to me that perhaps an experience like this could create soul-loss, if all of me didn’t make it back out in time. We were able to remove the device, with the help of then working with the client to establish what beliefs this was wired into – as it was well rooted into his nervous system. We were able to identify and release the old untrue beliefs, and reinforce what is really true on a deeper level, and command this device and being out of his space.

While I’m a big proponent of out of body traveling and working on the energetic planes, it is best to be wise about it. Learn more. I don’t recommend doing complicated extractions like this at home by yourself, unless you have a whole lot of experience. What I realized in the moment of this extraction was, I have been doing this my whole life, in my dreams. That is where I learned about traveling through multi-dimensional portals, and pocket dimensions (and out of body traveling) and recognize that I’ve been being training my whole life to be able to do this.

The reason I share this experience is as an illustration of some of the direct personal experiences I’ve had with working with energy that is beyond the scope of usual somatic approach. For certain people who have survived deep ritual trauma, there can be more complex energetic implants in their system, that are beyond the usual conditioning and trauma-based-beliefs. I remember in the International Academy of Consciousness’ program how they discussed beneficial spiritual devices that spirit helpers used in certain circumstances. Well, unfortunately, there is the flip side to that too.

I can only hope this raises a little awareness of what else might be out there.

What is also important to note is that week there were two more clients who came in with multi-dimensional portals, recognized by their own volition, but that’ll have to be another blog post.

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  1. Your courage to dive into the unknown is exceptional, there is so much to learn when we broaden our belief system. A energy, force or particle, of a certain resonance can be linked across space & time thru Quantum Entanglement, each affecting the other, in a negative or positive manner.
    Here is a link on Quantum Entanglement & Wormholes, much like you have described.

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