What does “Awake” really mean?

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gold-lightThere seems to be a buzz around the word “awaken” and many different definitions to go with it! Seeing as I chose this word to describe the work I do, I thought I might share what I see in its meaning.

“Awake” has many countless layers of opening to it. I hear this word used sometimes regarding whether someone is “awake” – its a bit ironic, as that implies there is a place to arrive at. In my experience, “awake” is a process, a continued opening. It might be used as a descriptor if someone is pretty self-aware, but the deeper meaning of the word to me implies consciousness, fully embodied, living from a state of truth and aliveness.  When we open and awaken to our deeper soul self, and choose to live from that place, this to me is “awake”.

I made it a verb instead of an adjective in the name of my work as its a process, not a destination. I have never met anyone so fully awake they didn’t have more to uncover about themselves. I imagine no one on earth has every level of their multi-dimensional being embodied here on earth in full consciousness of every aspect and every ripple of every movement entacted. There are a great many masters and teachers and beautiful light beings, however, we all seem to be attracted here to Earth for a human experience, now why might that be?

“Awake” is not just consciousness of the mind, its opened consciousness IN the body, fully feeling, fully opening, fully connected to the Divine, and to the Soul Self, radiating that deep light from within.

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