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Have you ever thought to yourself “I’m not creative” or, “I’m creative!” and thought perhaps some people are, and some people aren’t? What is the big deal about taking a workshop to learn to be more creative? I hope to dispel some myths here, and in my upcoming playshop. The reality is, we are all creative, potentially, all the time.  It takes different forms for different people. When we are blocked off from our creativity, life might feel a bit monotonous or missing something. When we are in the flow of our creativity, we find depth and meaning in being. Its not about “art” – at all. That is merely one expression of the potential of this force.

paint potsThese playshops I occasionally offer are designed to help open up to more creativity in your life – which is another way of saying opening up to the divine, your inner wisdom, your personal flow, and what wants to spontaneously and authentically come through you – the painting portion is only practice for opening these channels – practice where both you and I have something to look at and discuss. The goal isn’t to turn you into an artist – unless that wants to come through you, of course! but to give you permission to be yourself, and to learn all the signs of noticing when you aren’t speaking, acting, doing, being from alignment with your Deeper Self. I liken the experience to a Painting Meditation.

I myself have learned so much from this process that has been applied to my every day clarity in working with clients, being with my own authenticity, and opening to what uniquely wants to come through me to be expressed. And I am excited to share this process with you!

We have periodic one-day and full weekend workshops in this work, in addition to an ongoing every-other-Wednesday evening class from 4-7pm. This is a powerful process to experience in the containment of the group – the energy of quietly working together, with available support, carries us much further than any of us can go alone. For weekend workshops check the current event schedule. Most Weds classes are listed under Upcoming Events.

Curious to learn more about spiritual awakening through the painting process?

During the weekend workshops, we will offer an optional Saturday evening movie sharing in depth about process painting and the possibilities with this work. Join us!

Saturday night movie – 7pm (no cost): “Awakening the Mystic” Michele Cassou presents her own passionate and intimate journey into the world of mystical experience, a journey culmination from 20 years of her intuitive painting practice.

6 thoughts on “Why be Creative?

  1. Mardi! Thank you so much for the work you do in the world. I feel many of us in our culture have been wounded around creative expression and thank you for validating that it is our birthright! I am sorry I am not available to attend this deep juicy playshop this time around.

    1. Thank you Polly for sharing your thoughts. Know that I’d love to have you join us if anything changes! If cost is an issue, just please talk to me and we’ll see what we can do. These full weekend opportunities go very deep and provide a very special container to move through a lot of energy and provide transformation around creative flow. Love to support you with this creative and life-affirming work! Blessings to you dear and your path.

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