SoulCentric Massage

Touch is Healing

Sometimes what we really need for our healing is to be touched, to be held in unconditional love and witnessed. Our bodies are to be celebrated, and to enjoy living in them. The healing touch of intuitive massage can help your body sigh with relief and let go of all the energy swirling around inside. Its intuitive as I listen closely to where energy is being held in your body, and with my experienced hands, help bring your awareness in to let it go.

Sometimes life is stressful, and we just need help to remember to let go.

If you lead a busy life, chances are you are not always listening to your body’s needs, it becomes easy to tune out how your body is holding tension, as your mind races from one great activity to the next. It is so important to take time out for yourself and to help bring your body back to a quiet place of balance and softness. By receiving massage on a regular basis, you access the theta state which promotes deep conscious healing. I honor that quiet stillness when it comes up in you and allow you to fall deeply within. This is healing and deep relaxation. Something any busy body needs to find balance.

b3d1b68e7762b041a7ab640facdb5be7“Very gifted massage therapist. Much, much more to offer. Really intuitive, understands the body-mind connection. A healing touch.” – J.T.

Deep Presencing

Sometimes sessions can include support from other ways we work together – with the energy in your body you may be accessing through Awake! Breathwork sessions or Soul Painting, for instance. I don’t draw lines about what wants to come up on the table – we will continue to work your energy field if you want to, or I will let you quietly receive loving support in silence – as you wish. All options have their benefits so I honor where you are at each time you come in. I am very aware of the energy in your body and invite you to look at what you are holding. Sometimes we’re not alone, in these types of integrated bodywork sessions, guides and spirit friends, even relatives show up. Whenever you soften to receive healing there is a lot of support that wants to show up to help.

Intuitive Shamanic Bodywork

I may help you identify energies in your body, and I encourage you to become empowered to heal, so that you learn to shift your energy and heal any wounded places. That might include working Core Limiting Beliefs, childhood trauma, entities that are stuck perhaps even for a lifetime, or repressed emotion. I do not willingly remove energy for you but will help you remove energy that doesn’t belong to you. Unfortunately we can pick up other people’s energy all the time, sometimes carrying it our whole lifetime. I choose to empower and teach you with the methods I use, and always compassionately when it comes to dealing with spirits. They are people too.


If you’d like gentle healing energy, consider asking for reiki. Reiki is healing energy transmitted from the Divine through my hands, and is very helpful for healing injuries and surgeries. If you are very sensitive to touch, perhaps suffering from fibromyalgia even, this is a way of receiving the benefit of touch and healing energy without any physical manipulation or pressure.  Bringing in the soft light of Reiki helps mend tissues, comfort the nervous system, and allow in healing presence.

“You really care. I can feel it. The best massage I ever had was with a blind woman in Bali. I say this, as you are right up there next to her. Take it as a compliment. I will be back tomorrow.” – Guest at Farmhouse Inn

Sessions With Me

We start with a check in on how you are feeling and how I can support you. For first timers, I ask you to spend a few moments with an intake form before your session begins. For future visits its usually a brief check in before I get you on the table to begin our work together, unless there is a lot up to be processed and worked that day, such as for a shamanic intuitive massage, where checking in might be an important step. In those cases check in can last 20-30 minutes depending on the session. I am flexible to showing up to meet you with your healing journey in the best, most supportive way possible. Sometimes intuitive counseling is exactly what is needed first before healing can take place on the table.

The Official Fine Print

I am a Certified Massage Practitioner through the State of California, CAMTC #67086. I am trained in Swedish-Esalen and Deep Tissue since 2002, plus Myofacial Release, Cranial Sacral, Hot Stone, and Reiki (lineage Usui Makao). I have advanced certifications through Clarity Breathwork, graduated 2004, received training in Clairvoyance, shamanic work, and much more. I’ve been professionally practicing since 2002 (over 15 years) although I first studied massage 25 years ago and have many more years of experience. I do not provide sensual services, I am a therapeutic practitioner, offering healing work, only. I abide by the rules and ethics of therapeutic massage codes and the state of California.

I require the standard health practitioner cancellation policy of 24-hours notice to change or cancel an appointment: you are responsible for your missed session. In order to take care of myself I have very specific working hours, and when I don’t have enough time to fill an opening, the missed session affects me. Acts of God are excused. Thank you.


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