SoulCentric Painting

Certification for SoulCentric PaintingTM Practitioner:


  • Modules 1 – 8: Soul Painting included in all workshops, including experiential training how to work energy and heal on a deep level
  • 3 Additional Immersive 3-day weekend painting workshops

Experiential Development:

  • Assist in groups, 40 hours minimum, increasing levels of responsibility and assistance.
  • Receive feedback and support learning to facilitate others with SoulCentric PaintingTM.


  • Complete at least 15 consecutive sessions combining SoulCentric BreathworkTM and SoulCentric PaintingTM with Mardi (more recommended)
  • Complete additional 10 sessions minimum (10 can be with another experienced provider, with a man is suggested)


  • Monthly group sessions, by phone or on-line video, for one year. OR, private phone sessions.
  • Receive support with the practice, discuss any issues that arise.
  • Receive additional guidance and practical steps for growing one’s practice.
  • Continue developing supportive practitioner’s network.
  • Increasing levels of responsibility in workshops and trainings for those wishing to deepen their practice and/or become trainers and group facilitators.
  • Alternatively, private phone/video sessions bi-weekly 1/2 hour long or monthly one-hour sessions.

IMG_0607Additional requirements for certification:

  • Abide by the code of ethics.
  • Continue ongoing personal growth, consciousness development, and commitment to the path of your soul.
  • Demonstrate a level of clarity with intuitive support provided, demonstrating a clear understanding and practice of the principles taught.
  • Commit to honoring Direct Personal Experience over adopting philosophies and beliefs as the only truth. Understanding the potential of the Divine is infinite.

Please note certification is contingent upon adequate reflection that the practitioner in training has demonstrated comprehensive understanding of the practices and principles of SoulCentric PaintingTM. One can still be in progress working on oneself to offer this work, however a significant understanding of the integration of the concepts taught here must be present to begin to support others in this capacity. This helps protect and serve both practitioner and clients, as well as our community of practitioners and maintain integrity.

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