Feed Your Soul on the Full Moon

Sunday February 21st, 2016
10am – 4pm

Come free up your energy with breathwork & creative expression!

Live your life from a deeper place for greater fulfillment and intimacy!

The Moon will be in Leo – which likes to roar! This is the place to let it all out – all the ways you feel, your inner visions, your roadblocks, your tears, your rage. This is a safe space to practice truly being your honest vulnerable self, with others, and access ways beyond your social conditioning.

Giving yourself permission in safe space helps open up the channels to true creative freedom and spontaneous inspiration in your life. Sharing from this place builds the bridge to greater intimacy with others.
IMG_5971The Soul Painting portion of the workshop is about creative flow – not art. All humans are creative! Open the doors to your own creativity in new ways. Release the self-editing critic inside by learning the internal practice of giving yourself permission to listen to your quiet intuition. By releasing our judgements and self-imposed limitations we can find ourselves living more full, abundance, and happier lives.
We move energy and increase awareness with Awake! Breathwork – a gentle process which opens up your body awareness to places you are holding energy and emotion that you might not even have been aware of, allowing you to shift and release energy, and bring more clarity into your being, so you can create from your place of truth.

With this style of therapeutic breathwork, you can change your energy resonance to match your deeper soul truth, allowing you to live from a more deeply authentic place that knows your passion and purpose. First we need to release the layers of untruths we’ve been conditioned to believe about ourselves.

Already done “lots of work” on yourself? Shift knowing into being. Many clients who have had years of therapy  find this step to be so critical for living their truth on an embodied level.

Are you willing to find out what really wants to come through you? 

Are you ready to dig deeper into knowing your own inner self?

Are you open to letting yourself be visible in a group of supportive people in a safe environment?

If you answered yes to any of these – join us!

IMG_0864_400Some benefits of Soul Painting & Awake! Breathwork experienced:

• Awaken to greater Self-Acceptance
• Expand Compassion
• Increase Vitality & Joy
• Release Judgement
• Unlock Creative Flow
• Release of Past Limitations
• Experience Permission
• Supports Spiritual Growth
• Awaken to the Deeper Self
• Strengthen Voice of Intuition

paint pots


RSVP: (707) 872-5577 or sign up via the Paypal buttons, or contact me with questions.

Cost:  $85 early by 2/15/16, $95 after

Early rate $85
Regular rate $95




Times: Sunday Feb 21st 10am – 12:30pm, 1:30pm – 4pm
Note: if you bring a lunch you are welcome to keep painting during the break!

Reviewers Deposit $100
Early rate all 3 Playshops

Next dates: Sun March 20th & Sat April 23rd. Sign up for all three in advance by the early rate: $240

Location: Wild Hare Studio, At the Yellow Duck, 2371 S. Gravenstein Hwy, Sebastopol, CA

Please bring a pad like a thermarest and a blanket and pillow for the morning breathwork portion.

birthprocess2Free Film: Weds March 16th @ 7pm, Birth of a Process -Intuitive Painting founder Michele Cassou discusses how process painting came into being through her own journey. Delightful film that will encourage any artist-at-heart and those who feel the pull towards creativity to honor that which is inside them. Witness one person’s creative flowering through giving herself permission. All are welcome! (48 minutes, space for discussion after)


Mardi Storm 2014 cr200Mardi Storm is an Artist and Soul Work Guide. She’s offered healing work for over 14 years, has a lifetime of experience with art and mystical experiences, teaches Soul Painting, helps others to heal with Awake! Breathwork, and is devoted to a path of expanding soul consciousness. She is a published and public artist, and really enjoys igniting creativity in others, supporting their path of transformation and awakening.