Deepening Compassionate Connection [Module 2]

Awake! Breathwork Program Module 2

(prerequisite: Module 1)

Thursday March 6 – Sunday March 9, 2014

This workshop is a deepening of the work from Module 1, and will contain supervised practice breathwork sessions, plus exploration of these topics:

  • 540550_10150838856675549_582185548_11983297_235205000_n

    Witnessing & Holding Space for Others

  • Understanding Shadow Work
  • Forgiveness work, Compassion, and Acceptance
  • Healing with Love
  • Working with Guides
  • Healing Early Childhood Imprints & Trauma
  • Clearing Abundance Limitations
  • Ancestral Karmic Patterns & Entities
  • Identifying Limiting Core Beliefs (the Negative Mantra)
  • Attracting the Right Relationships
  • Compassionate Communication
  • Death & Transformation
  • Finding Purpose
  • Opening to Receiving Support

We’ll also be learning about practical skills and experiencing:

  • Skills for Facilitating a Session
  • Energy work for the Practitioner
  • Choosing Language that Empowers Self and Others
  • Alternative Breathwork Sessions – Water Sessions
  • Experiencing Sound Healing Support for Shifting Energy and Entering Alternate States of Consciousness
  • Continuing with Self development & Consciousness Expansion

Awake! Breathwork can be life changing! A variety of powerful benefits experienced:

•    Awaken to greater Self-LoveMonarchs_milkweed_8162w
•    Expand into Compassion for Others
•    Increase Vitality & Joy
•    Unlock Creative Flow
•    Healing the Physical, Emotional, and Mental
•    Release of the Past & Forgiveness
•    Reduce Stress & Heal Depression
•    Nurture more Loving Relationships
•    Manifest greater Abundance
•    Supports Spiritual Growth
•    Awaken to one’s Deeper Self & Greater Knowing
•    Attract a Life Partner & more Meaningful Friendships
•    Open to Life Purpose
•    Become Radiant
•    Connect to Source

Full Awake! Breathwork Program is visible here. Dates are currently being set for the following workshops.

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RSVP: (707) 872-5577 or send an email

Times: Times: (approximate) Thurs, Fri, Sat 10am – 8:30pm, Sun 9:30am – 4 pm
(we will break for lunch & dinner on Saturday, and lunch on Sunday, bringing food encouraged so we may eat together)

Location: Sebastopol, CA

Lodging:  Sleeping bag space is available at no extra charge. Nearby hotel recommendations in Sebastopol can be provided upon request.

Cost: $435 by 2/13, $475 after. $150 non-refundable deposit by 2/13  holds the early rate.  Price includes extras such as sound healing event.

$150 deposit holds the early rate, by 2/13/14:


Full price early rate $435 by 2/13/14:


Regular rate of $475:


2010_04_30_MStorm_2369_cr_160x120Mardi Storm is an Awake! Breathworker, Intuitive Bodyworker & Intuitive Painter, supporting others professionally for over 12 years, and a professional Artist. She has a lifelong passion for transformation and helping others, in addition to following her own spiritual path in ever deepening ways. She was originally certified in Clarity Breathwork. She is a Lightbody and International Academy of Consciousness graduate, both of which work with guides and multi-dimensional reality, and practices Jeremy Taylor-style Projective Dream Work. She practices intuitive process painting via Michele Cassou and Stuart Cubley, and offers this work, and receives ongoing support with consciousness expansion with a wisdom teacher.  She honors the unique gifts that each of us carry as sacred beings, and each individual’s authentic personal expression.

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  1. Started a new way of thinking, finding and deepening my spirituality. Wanting to finding a mentor. I’m a disabled person and can’t work out in the working world. I’m a helper by nature and a great researcher to find and learn new things. I live very far from the BOX.

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