Expanding Consciousness and the Spirit Realms


Astral Stag by Peach

Dates TBD

Opening to Multi-Dimensional Experiences, Traveling our Consciousness in different ways both inside and outside the body, Contacting Guides… we’ll use a variety of methods from breathwork to shamanic journeying, to contact our own personal spiritual support network, learning self-empowering ways to draw on this support.

We’ll learn about astral travel, time between lives, the spirit realms, chakras, entities, seeing/moving energy, and what else is out there in the great multi-verse!

The essential nature of the information offered is based on personal experiences and teaching approaches to gain this personal experience –   this is a non-belief based approach, and encourages direct experience over adherence to any one system of thought. Find out for yourself what is true for you, by allowing yourself to open to your guides and the spirit realms in this sacred container we create together.

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