Leadership While Empowering Others (Working with Horses)

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Leadership While Empowering Others

Working with Horses
Dates TBD

Through connecting with Natural Mind and permeating Awareness, we empower others and become effective leaders ourselves. We introduce the way of the Horse to demonstrate both innate leadership qualities and herd mentality as foundations for future team building. Horses reflect where we are within ourselves. Thus our workshop begins with finding and strengthening our inner core, our natural mind that is aware, sensitive, and vital.

  • Friday night – Shamanic Journey and Dream Invocation under a full moon.
  • Saturday morning – Introduce diverse leadership models that gracefully empower others. We go deeper into our own spiritual and emotional core through breath work.
  • Saturday afternoon- In the round pen with horses, non-verbal communication, telepathic knowingness, and early leadership skills.
  • Sunday morning – Bringing dreams to life to further guide us and manifest our professional goals.
  • Sunday afternoon – In the round pen and team building skills. Conclude with powerful didjeridu meditation. Focus upon practicalities of integration of new leadership skills into daily life.

This workshop is for all YOU aspiring leaders – perhaps you already offer private practice, workshops, groups, or teach, be it with people or with horses, or perhaps you are envisioning more of a leadership role. This weekend is for YOU to become a more powerful leader, bringing forth your natural strengths.



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3 thoughts on “Leadership While Empowering Others (Working with Horses)

  1. Hi. I just paid a deposit for the workshop this coming weekend. Any other info you want from me? Anything else I need to know before I show up (besides the address?) Thanks!

    1. Hi Leslie- thank you and I am glad you are joining us! A preparation letter will be going out shortly with the address. It will contain further instructions of things to bring.
      I look forward to seeing you Friday evening!

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