September 12 & 13
Friday eve & Saturday
Sebastopol, CA

A rich workshop of intention and practices for cultivating Spiritual Awakening.

Weaving together a rich tapestry of vital practices, we gather, co-creating a cultivated awareness of being. The living land speaks to us. We come home to our deep Spirit Truths: awakening our dreams of a lifetime, vital connections to the temple of nature through equine work, soul painting, and shamanic visioning. We move from this profound inner voice of our individual and collective spirit into specific ways of transforming our daily lives and careers.

The Living Land

By bringing forth your deepest nature, your dreams yet to be fulfilled, life becomes joyous, meaningful, and successful. As we heal and transform ourselves, we heal the collective, our families, and our relationships.

Intuitive Soul Painting
Workshop Schedule

We begin Friday evening with a shamanic journey, inviting and
evoking our spirit guides to enter our dreams. Saturday morning we
share our dreams through intuitive soul painting. We walk upon the
land and enter the world of the horse, the grasses, the barn, and the
round pen. Here we directly touch and communicate deeply with the spirit of the horse, discovering how we lead others, how we relate in non-verbal languages. We come together at the close to integrate these spiritual and energetic connections. We bring these deeper understandings into specific decisions and action plans for our daily lives.

Spirit, Rescued Mustang

Contact Workshop Leaders to register.

Early registration fee is $160 and due Sept. 5th. Thereafter workshop fee is $195. Non-refundable deposit $50 will hold your place.

Meals $15. Food grown on land.

Camping sites available for overnight stay to continue the dreaming under the stars.

Deposit $50 to hold your space, by 9/5/14 holds early rate:


Early workshop rate by 9/5/14 is $160


Regular workshop rate is $195


Mardi Travis Aubrey 160 blue background

Aubrey Degnan, Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology embraces 40 years of study in East/West consciousness, spiritual training and healing. She has twice received commendations for her leadership roles in response to suspected terrorist acts and airline disaster. Author “Luminous, the Soul’s Journey to Enlightenment”. contact 707.829.1252 www.draubrey.net

Mardi Storm is an Awake! Breathworker, Intuitive Bodyworker & Artist, offering
healing work for over 12 years. She teaches transformational programs, is
devoted to a path of expanding consciousness, and is an International
Academy of Consciousness graduate. contact 707.872.5577

Travis Wernet is a Dream Worker, Sound Healer, published author and Unitarian
Minister, offering inner work for 20 years, including internationally. He is
credentialed by the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work. contact
707.872.5477 www.TheDreamingSource.com

Equine Workshop Leaders are Spirit, Sheba, Dinero, Buttercup

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