Mod 2: Becoming Innocent Again

Mod-1-2-2015-2Healing Our Histories
Dates TBD
With Mardi Storm & Travis Wernet

Open to your greater purpose, source of joy, passion, and sense of belonging. This aspect of deep inner work in community is the next step in healing, trusting, and opening in order to bring your gifts more fully to share into the world. Join us!

In this workshop we’ll dive into an exploration of our histories and the ways they may have shaped our outlook on life, survival strategies, and automatic responses. Who are we underneath the layers of family and cultural influences? Might we also be someone larger, more expansive and passionate than we’ve been acting and living?

We’ll uncover deep seated beliefs and attitudes, release, honor and discover ancestral, inherited connections, and seek wholeness in relation to these powerful energies, opening to deeper truths in the body and soul and in the world around us.

Open to and trust your intuition and find guidance through subtle contact with unseen helpers. Learn to open deeply to compassion, greater love, and deep sense of belonging.

Discover your great gifts woven into the wounds of the past and open to your true essence, and to the “hidden gold” within, that wants to be shared for co-creating a more meaningful culture.

Access your inner wisdom with somatic healing.

521575f1c81886a8491130d3658492e5During this weekend immersion workshop we’ll look within, laugh, play, create, dream, surrender, perhaps cry, be honest, tell the truth, and learn. Free yourself up by learning from others in a group setting, and learn to be seen and witnessed.

We’ll access those deep inner spaces with a variety of somatic, expressive, and creative approaches including Awake! Breathwork, Soul Painting, Projective Dream Work, and Sound Healing.


Possible benefits experienced with the Awaken To Your Deeper Self Program:

Goddess•    Awaken to greater Self-Love
•    Expand into Compassion
•    Increase Vitality & Joy
•    Unlock Creative Flow
•    Heal Physical, Emotional, Mental
•    Release of the Past & Forgiveness
•    Reduce Stress & Heal Depression
•    Nurture more Loving Relationships
•    Manifest greater Abundance
•    Supports Spiritual Growth
•    Awaken to one’s Deeper Self
•    Access Greater Knowing
•    Attract a Life Partner
•    Find More Meaningful Friendships
•    Open to Life Purpose
•    Become Radiant
•    Connect to Source


Testimonials from previous program participants:

Mardi & Travis… can be trusted to support you in your personal journey of discovery…I cannot recommend them highly enough. ~C.B.

What I most appreciated about the “Spirit” weekend was your integrated invitation for the Divine to express in a variety of creative ways. Most workshops have a primary orientation. Yours invited Sacred sound, prayer, meditation, nature, dreamwork, intuitive painting and deep relationshipwork with horses into a seamless “ship” that sailed into deep inner waters. When we “Arrived in port,” I returned with a with a clear path of heart healing, and a profound new invitation into a life of joy. ~ A.A


I learned things about myself which I had thought done, gone and dealt with only to notice them still lurking in the corners of unhealed places waiting patiently to be brought to light again… I absolutely loved every moment… ~L.T.

I enjoyed the variety… the effervescent vibratory resonance as a result of breathwork, and the deep space touched into with the dreamwork. I also appreciated the challenge and opportunity to explore and express some shadow material via both dreamwork and painting.

I was repeatedly touched to a place of deep release by Mardi and her ability to tune into the deepest levels of my experience and reflect things to me that left me feeling gotten to the point that I could let go of my efforts to be seen and understood and rest in the quiet of surrender. ~A.A.N.



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