Underneath a life time of conditioning and environmental responses, is an innate self that came into this world. We often are not even aware there are versions of identity layered on top of this more authentic self, which isn’t limited by “shoulds” or “could nots”. Layers of conditioned responses to life’s experiences – traumatic or otherwise – fragments us from this core self, a place in us that flourishes with love, acceptance, connection.

This connection is what we explore in our work together, a way to love those places within ourselves we learned to reject and push down for survival.  Together we can open the door to the basement and go through those old dusty boxes of packed up feelings and memories.

By meeting these energies we can heal, clear out the old baggage, and reclaim our true natures. With acceptance for all aspects of ourselves can we become whole, living to our full potential, radiating our light, living in alignment with our truth.

Together we will work on your goals for healing, and for life moving forward. Whether its anxiety, relationship issues, wanting a partner, family and parenting issues, stress, depression, past trauma, mid-life changes, pursuing a passion, finding a purpose, or to step out into a new profession, our time together is tailored to support you where and how you need it, to create more happiness and satisfaction in your life.

There is a way across the river, much easier to cross with gentle guidance. You still have to navigate the stones with your own feet, but I’m right here with you, keeping you steady in the current.

I bring to each session unconditional acceptance and deep compassion, with the understanding that true healing needs to also address the shadow within us. Deep listening and reflecting will help you feel seen, heard, and honored, and by understanding yourself more thoroughly, provide you with the power of choice.

Our gold is right there next to the wound, and with patient support you are guided to reclaim your power, and your unique gifts to the world.

Are you ready to create an authentic life that matches who you really are? Do you want to cultivate kinder, more loving relationships, feel more meaning and purpose, share your gifts?

I welcome the opportunity to support you. Please see Working with Me to schedule a brief introductory meeting and we can see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Unconditional acceptance and support are here for you.

My gift is helping you to heal your relationship with yourself, and with others. You, too, are part of the divine, an important thread in the fabric of our universe, no matter what has happened to you and no matter what you have done. We all deserve to change, to receive and give love in healthy relationships, to feel connected and living with purpose.