SoulCentric Painting

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This playful process is a fun and creative way of deeply engaging with your inner self. By listening carefully to intuition and desires for authentic expression, discover deeper parts of our being that want to emerge to be seen, felt, and heard.

Release your inner critic, your self-editing judgments and give yourself permission to be and feel. Get into your body, to find how you really feel. This practice helps integrate and embody what you may understand intellectually.

SoulCentric PaintingTM strengthens and nurtures your connection to your deep Self. When we cultivate a practice of honoring ourselves, this enriches every aspect of our lives.

Participants Share about their SoulCentric Painting Experiences:

Strengthen Your Intuition

Using paint you can learn to honor our intuition – your inner wisdom – cultivating your unique voice, dissolving boundaries you may have unknowingly built up around yourself to keep you safe from other people’s judgements. Brush stroke by brush stroke, you learn to check in with your intuition each step of the way – is there energy for that? Does a new color jump out at me? Did I lose energy for what I thought I wanted? Every stroke, every walk to the color pots is an opportunity to check in with yourself. When in doubt, let the brush paint itself. If you draw a complete blank on what feels right – when you can’t seem to find your inner knowing – let the brush lead the way.

IMG_5990Unleash Your Creativity!

Its so freeing to be given permission to play as an adult – its very nurturing, and a key ingredient to our health and energy as well. Play restores our energy – being creative in a non-goal oriented way. We’re not painting for product, only for the fun and creative joy of it. You can play with color, line, images, and be allowed to paint things that are frowned on in other classes. Perhaps you were told you aren’t an artist – here you are. Or if you were an artist, you may have found yourself boxed in by what you felt you were good at, what brought you the most praise, what sold you the most paintings. You can easily find yourself trapped in your own approach to art if you always paint alone in your studio. I will help encourage you in new directions – only by asking you questions. It takes support to move past what is familiar to us. Through authentic expression you may paint your way out of the box you may have unknowingly put yourself in!

IMG_0883Where does SoulCentric Painting come from?

SoulCentric Painting emerged over time to combine elements of the approaches of my teachers, with knowledge from other trainings. Its origins are with process painting and point zero painting, as taught by Stewart Cubley and Michele Cassou, respectively. The SoulCentric Painting experience provides healing transformation, letting the painting space be a place to heal, grow, access inner wisdom, shift energy, practice listening to intuition, and embodying the truths that emerge from deep inside.

Cultivate Flow

Flow is that state of opening to the Divine or your Deeper Soul Self, or all the above, where the state of being becomes effortless – information, wisdom, creativity flows through us with ease. This is a beautiful state of being where we feel perfectly in sync with our essence. With practice, Soul Painting opens the pathway for this experience.

IMG_5975How to Participate

Currently I don’t have workshops and classes offered in person at this time. I can teach this process via online video. 

Please see Working with Me for more information on private sessions.

And… keep painting!