I am Seen
I was repeatedly touched to a place of deep release by Mardi and her ability to tune into the deepest levels of my experience and reflect things to me that left me feeling gotten to the point that I could let go of my efforts to be seen and understood and rest in the quiet of surrender. ~A.A.N.

Trusted Support
Mardi & Travis… can be trusted to support you in your personal journey of discovery…I cannot recommend them highly enough. ~C.B. 

Awake! Program participant
I learned things about myself which I had thought done, gone and dealt with only to notice them still lurking in the corners of unhealed places waiting patiently to be brought to light again… I absolutely loved every moment… ~Linda

Exploring Shadow Material
I enjoyed the variety… the effervescent vibratory resonance as a result of breathwork, and the deep space touched into with the dreamwork. I also appreciated the challenge and opportunity to explore and express some shadow material via both dreamwork and painting. ~R.L. 

On Intuitive Soul Painting
I feel energized from the workshop and am eager to cultivate more opportunities to unleash the creative expression of my deeper being…thanks Mardi! ~G.L. 

Seamless Ship
What I most appreciated about the “Spirit” weekend was your integrated invitation for the Divine to express in a variety of creative ways. Most workshops have a primary orientation. Yours invited Sacred sound, prayer, meditation, nature, dreamwork, intuitive painting and deep relationshipwork with horses into a seamless “ship” that sailed into deep inner waters. When we “Arrived in port,” I returned with a with a clear path of heart healing, and a profound new invitation into a life of joy. ~ A.A.