Want to Feel Seen? It’s more than Clairvoyance.

I counseled a client the other day, who lamented the troubles at his workplace, which was turning into a power struggle. As we conversed, it was unearthed this person was a clairvoyant, and she said to him and the rest of the staff that she could “see” what was right, or what needed to be done, in the situation with one of their clients.  My client being clearly very intuitive and skilled, was miffed for being undervalued for his work and trumped by his clairvoyant co-worker. So is she right? Does she really know how to do everyone else’s job better?

I used to receive bodywork from a clairvoyant. After repeatedly requesting she not remove my energy for me without a conversation, I finally had to let her go as my massage therapist. It was too easy and tempting, as she could “see” what was in my energy field, and it was easy for her to move it out. Why on earth would I want to stop her?

And why, after taking clairvoyance classes would I not want to be practicing as a clairvoyant, reading your energy and removing unhelpful energies from your auric field?

Well the good news is yes, I can see a whole lot, but what I have learned on my journey as a healer, is it’s more powerful for you if I can keep my mouth shut, and my twitchy fingers to myself. I can remove energy. But where will that put you? Would that increase your own ability to identify and shift energy in your own auric field? Or would that require constant tune ups to remove energy, instead of healing the root causes?

While the work we do does help you to clear your energy, it is always on a conscious level, not that sneaky behind-the-scenes-I-asked-your-soul-permission stuff. Because I want you to be really involved in your own energy body. After all, you have to live with you, don’t you want to know how to help yourself out of a bind? And know how to meet yourself if you are thrown off center? This is why I ask you a lot of questions in our sessions. Sometimes I already know what some of those answers might be but my guidance is in helping you find your own answers, not me telling you. I could tell you a story that is paraphrased and abstract, or I can help you find your story from a deep, visceral place and help bring healing to those places. 

So to go back to the aforementioned client, who was frustrated by his co-worker. I assured him that while she sees a good many things, she also has filters. The information is only as clear as the reader, and most readers I met have a lot more work to do, especially somatically in their bodies. Most of us do have work to do, but if I am trusting someone to clairvoyantly read me or mapping out the future, I’d want them to be clear as crystal, and that’s tricky for most humans. As a somatic practitioner, I trust the felt body-sense more than someone’s angels. 

We all have moments of loving to hear something, I’m just suggesting discernment. I’ve had some purportedly really good clairvoyants and intuitives be really off in some aspect of their reading. So, why trust the human filter to give you the good stuff when you can cultivate your own intuitive channel for accessing your own inner knowing, without running through the filters of someone else?

Support is beautiful – we need the reflection – I’d be out of business and so would my healing support team if we didn’t all need each other. I’m just suggesting to step back and check out what kind of support you are going after. Someone to do magic and fix you up? Slightly different than healing, which really calls you out to step forward into your own power.

The reason I don’t like clairvoyants removing troubling energy from my aura – as good as it feels – is because the psychic pressure has built up there around something I’m contracted around or isn’t whole and healed. I need that marker to show me I’ve got something to take care of. If I always just take ibuprofen when I get a headache without tracing my footsteps how I got it, I never isolate what is causing the headache so I can avoid having them in the future. (For real.) Some people literally suffer for years without asking why. Let’s work on the why.

By Mardi Storm

Healer, therapist, artist, supporting others professionally since 2002. Working in community settings and private practice, offering private and group work. My art has been published and is on public display.

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