Everything I want

Everything I wantis already hereJust step from the darknessto the shining world beyondTiny hummingbirds come to drink from lit lanternsfooled by the beautylaughing, fly awayOld age has its secretsthe masks come offand we see the day for what it isin the land of long shadowsThe sun crosses every zenithand sets for every soulpassages can be in the minutesor through ancient doorways.   ...
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Summer Fades

The sunflowers’ dark faces, shining with gold still greet me on my walks Persevering and bright, through unforgiving sun and rain Loving every minute of their joyful lives holding court over cottontails and tiny birds perched in their branches. The air turns cool, and now, dead heads outnumber the blossoms feeding the hungry birds, it’s what they have to offer now, during the end days,...
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I AM DONE (An Ode to Quitting)

I AM DONE (An Ode to Quitting) I am done with this I’m finished, I’m through. I have had enough I’m moving on. I am ending this relationship, friendship, acquaintance. I quit this club, I retract my pledge I am leaving this place vacating this premises dropping off the key Forgetting this town. I’m dumping my belongings I don’t need them, I am done. I am quitting this platform ...
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