Has Relational Work Been Finally Validated by Mainstream Psychology?

Mainstream Western psychological theories tend to depict human development as a trajectory from dependence to independence. In these models, the “job” of parenting is to bring the helpless, dependent baby into a state of autonomous and independent adulthood. In contrast, relational-cultural theory (RCT) is built on the premise that, throughout the lifespan, human beings grow… Continue reading Has Relational Work Been Finally Validated by Mainstream Psychology?

LSD and the Alternate Reality of Dementia

Being with someone who has dementia is a lot like being with someone on LSD; they are in a somewhat different reality. It seems to work best to get excited for them each “new” realization, when they tell you again what they just said 20 minutes ago. It’s certainly further developing my own capacities for… Continue reading LSD and the Alternate Reality of Dementia

I AM DONE (An Ode to Quitting)

I am done with thisI’m finished, I’m through.I have had enoughI’m moving on.I am ending this relationship,friendship,acquaintance.I quit this club, I retract my pledgeI am leaving this placevacating this premisesdropping off the keyForgetting this town.I’m dumping my belongingsI don’t need them,I am done. I am quitting this platformdeleting my accountwithdrawing my depositstearing up contractsignoring the… Continue reading I AM DONE (An Ode to Quitting)

Being in the Unknown with Family

Our construction plans screech to a halt, everything changing under our feet like the desert sand. Stop, drop, sit, wait, watch. More going on. We knew we had to get out here to fully understand the situation and what the need may be. Living close to family, living on family land, and sharing a house… Continue reading Being in the Unknown with Family

Ten Thousand Feet Up

Walking along an alpine streamwarm to touch.Heaviness like a blanket,no relief the further I walk. Trees weep with open soresMy spirits sink.Witnessing the suffering of the forest of spruce,lodgepole pines,The sorrow of an entire ecosystemfailing. Bright growth along the stream,life would go on.The warming days threaten fishbut not all the flowers.These trees may disappear, someday,but… Continue reading Ten Thousand Feet Up

Give Me A Farmer

Give me a farmer, who knows the labor of love it takes to grow nourishmentOver a silk-pillowed kirtan-chanting spiritual seeker; Give me someone who plants her feet in the dirt to feel the power of the earth, held by cosmic energies above, beaming rays of glorious light into her soulOver a sweat shop yoga room… Continue reading Give Me A Farmer

My Ability to Manifest is Not Broken

I’ve had some sweet folks respond to my last post with encouraging suggestions of how to find the home I want for myself. I am touched. Do not worry, I still know how to manifest. I can still help teach you how to manifest your dreams by healing the unconscious. I can and will manifest… Continue reading My Ability to Manifest is Not Broken

Being with Changing Times

Chaos happens. It feels like we’re amidst uncertain times. How do we ride this wave of change? Is the Sonoma County blaze, which ravaged our cities and countryside last month, leaving so much disaster in its wake, a freak accident? Or is it the herald of big changes underfoot, as unusual climactic conditions portend things to… Continue reading Being with Changing Times

Why Breathwork is not all the same

There are many different approaches to breathwork, and they’re all quite varied in philosophy and in outcome. Many of the various trees of breathwork have specific goals or states of consciousness that are aimed to be achieved using the breath, whether that is calm, clarity, elevated, or transcendental. These states are absolutely achievable using the breath.… Continue reading Why Breathwork is not all the same