law of attraction

What the Law of Attraction doesn’t tell you, that you really need to know to make it work

The Law of Attraction has risen in popularity over the past couple decades, similar to the philosophy as I learned: Thoughts are Creative. This is a beautiful, powerful, direct way of working with energy. What you focus on, you attract. What you think about, you create. Sounds simple, right? It's true - partially. Having high anxiety? You are likely to co-create your fears, or live like they ar...
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The More You are Conscious, the Less You Can Avoid

Classic Mercury Retrograde. Yup, that's my car in the picture. The path of expanding consciousness gets quicker and more direct the further along you go. Healers don't get off easy, FYI. I think we get hit harder, faster, and more, if we don't take the bull by the horns. For instance, here's me after driving 2 hours and a hundred miles with a car having trouble, trying to get back home, breakin...
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Don’t feed the vampires

If we all did what felt right to us- instead of from a place of expectation - the world would be a better place. I might choose to cross an ocean for someone I hardly know and that would be a beautiful gift of kindness in the world. Its when we expect that person to do the same that we set ourselves up for disappointment. If we instead open to the trust the support is there for us - it comes in, s...
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