Healing the Ancestral Tree Whilst Healing Yourself

Today during a session with a client, he expressed having chronic back pain in part of his back. I asked him to close his eyes and feel into that part of his body, asking what the energy is, and he discovered it was the energy of “fear of the unknown” and a “deep sadness”.  We uncovered the origins of this fear, how its manifested in his life, keeping him reaching for safety while also holding him back. We also identified how its helped him tremendously professionally, as he was put to task of anticipating potential problems of any situation! (Our survival strategies aren’t bad – they are just limiting.) He identified his fear as matching his father. As we delved into other topics for the next half hour, when he got up during our transition to breathwork, he noticed his pain was gone! Truly amazed – as its always been there for years. Bringing his full conscious awareness to what he was holding in that part of his body allowed it to be met, to be seen, and released.

As we dived deeper in via the breath, he uncovered the thread resonating with his father to his father’s father, who committed suicide when his father was 10 years old. The deep sadness, the deep fear of the unknown was already in the family lineage and came to a head with that suicide, and exploded in many more reverberating ways with all the surviving lineage. And puzzled, he found himself face-to-face with the energy of this grandparent that he never knew, and no one ever talked about. What did he find?

He found a being stuck in time, lost, confused, and in deep fear. Through the course of the session, my client opened to forgiving him for his affect on the family tree, on his father, and on him, although there was no charge there for him – he’d hardly even remembered this man, after all – but the soul who was stuck needed to hear the forgiveness. The soul of his grandparent needed the help – of someone in his line meeting him, telling him its ok, that he is forgiven, that he can drop his fear, and feel his sadness and let it go.  The soul of his grandfather, this man he never knew nor anyone ever spoke about, smiled and slapped him on the back, the sense of relief was palpable in the room.

Some of our patterns are inherited and still attached to the ancestors behind us. By healing ourselves we show them how they can heal. But when an ancestor is stuck, trapped by his own mind and beliefs, he needs someone in his lineage to break through to him, to reach him, to let him know he is loved and forgiven and its time to move on. Sometimes its the only ones they can hear, if their beliefs or awareness don’t include the afterlife or guides and angels.

It always feels like a special day of extra good work done when a soul can move on from pain into the light or next incarnation. Its very much helping two clients in one session.

By Mardi Storm

Healer, therapist, artist, supporting others professionally since 2002. Working in community settings and private practice, offering private and group work. My art has been published and is on public display.

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