How do we belong, and be different?

The river doesn’t need another river, the river needs a mountain to gently carve, over time, a deep path all its own. Without the mountain the river has nothing, it becomes a floodplain, or simply wet earth. With a mountain the river can find its own way. And the mountain needs the river, to help it shape itself into becoming, to provide colorful life on its edges, offering its strong stability while the flow of water etches its face, gently, over time.

We need each other, like mountains and rivers, we don’t all hold the same rhythms and ways. We hold different ways, and yet our ways fit together, all pieces of the Divine puzzle that comes together to belong as a continuous beautiful array of possibilities. The Divine doesn’t celebrate sameness but flourishes in the diversity that manifests, all with our own piece of the Divine. (just take a look around at the natural world! and we are still discovering new species…)

The road to authenticity is taking each step forward being true to yourself, even if that means getting off the road and onto a path, or off the path into pathless territory. Slow down and carefully place each step, your feet will find the way.

Surrender comparing your way to any other. While we all learn from each other, and need the reflection in order to see ourselves, just as the mountain and the river learn from each other, they don’t become each other. The truest aliveness is finding the deepest alignment with your own soul self. Everything else is just a way there, a way to try on, feeling its resonance, and noticing where it doesn’t fit, and dropping deeper, using that way as a signpost that says “this way – keep going”.

By Mardi Storm

Healer, therapist, artist, supporting others professionally since 2002. Working in community settings and private practice, offering private and group work. My art has been published and is on public display.

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