Looking for the right relationship? It’s within reach…

Single women and men! Are you tired of finding yourself in relationships that don’t meet your depth of longing for intimacy?

Are you really ready to attract true friends or the soul mate you’ve always felt is ‘out there’?

Would you like to share the journey with a beloved?

One of the benefits of breathwork is addressing this longing and helping you transform your resonance from a deeply embodied place, to call in your beloved, someone who really sees you!

Sure there are lots of offerings out there about how to call in your beloved, and one thing that stands out to me is most are not fully encompassing a complete picture of healing your energy field. Some address healing past wounds, some are rituals for calling in, some clear your energy, but most don’t address embodiment.

With breathwork we have a way of synchronizing deep somatic shifts with our soul truth and changing the energy we are emitting and the ability to truly see our beloved. Until our fears and projections are cleared, we may not even be able to see our ideal companion.

So if you find yourself going around and around with relationships that don’t last, good chance there are some more filters to clear and some resonance to change, for you to become in better alignment with your soul and your true heart’s desire.Sacred Union 2

In sessions with me, you will learn how we are conditioned to have certain blinders based on “family-ar” experiences. We may not be able to see the man or woman of our hearts’ desire even if they are standing right in front of us. When we’re unaware of these old familiar beliefs and conditioning, we aren’t aware of the mixed signals we may be sending out to the Cosmos of what we want and deserve.

Discover what beliefs and energy patterns you might be holding onto in the unconscious (definition of the unconscious: unknown, unaware, not conscious = probably stuff you had no idea was in there!), how to clear and heal these patterns, resonate from a more truthful loving place inside yourself, and open your heart up to asking for – and receiving – the partnership you want in your heart of hearts.

This is something powerfully addressed by SoulCentric Breathwork, along with practices designed to discover the unconscious “mixed messages” you might be sending to the Cosmos and magnetizing others to you with.

Learn how to truly become an available and ready temple for receiving your soul partner!

“Give me real life proof it works.”

I met my partner the very same day that I had an in-depth breathwork session healing my relationship patterns and afterwards doing illuminating exercises that allowed me to call in from a super clear, deeply aligned space. Mind you, this is after 10 years of longing for a life companion. Ten years! This session came after a series of transformational breathwork sessions and months after an immersive 10 day workshop that brought so much clarity to the places I was living from – healing many old wounds – I was finally ready! Now, 12 years later, our relationship is still a potent soul co-evolution I wouldn’t trade for any other.

I’d love to help you open deeper to love and intimacy.

Learn what it is your unconscious is looking for in a partner! This may be in direct opposition to what you consciously say you want!

Through SoulCentric Breathwork a potent, focussed, gentle technique, powerfully master the ability to take responsibility for what you are drawing into your life and master your energy so you are actually calling in your heart’s desire, not some settlement based on fear or past evidence of what you think you can get.

By healing past wounds, release baggage that you are carrying around, which inform your choices, and even your interactions within the relationship.

Find greater peace and ease with all the relationships that have come before, and release the negative impacts they’ve had on you.

Find deeper healing for your core self who was wounded and/or imprinted with certain beliefs in early childhood, that dictate what you think you can have and deserve.

Find out how to shift neediness to empowered choice, to really draw in a conscious, powerful relationship!

Release ways you might hold back from true intimacy – as a form of self protection. Its safe to let the right one in!

Call in what you truly want for  yourself as your life partner! No more mixed signals to the universe when you have clarity!

thumb_COLOURBOX8983036Getting clear on your true desires, understanding and releasing the grip of unconscious beliefs you may not know you hold is a start.

It has allowed many of my clients to meet the love of their life, and some got married!! This will likewise help you call in true friends and a more present, loving community.

There are many different layers to unpack here and the chances are it will take at least a few sessions – depending where you are at on your transformational journey. My recommendation is to sign up for a series to really dive in deep and to manifest from the most powerful alignment with your soul self you can.

Discover for yourself the pieces that may be missing from Law of Attraction and human potential programs that keep our perfect manifestation just out of reach – by clearing out the clutter in YOUR deeply unconscious basement and transforming your resonance!

By Mardi Storm

Healer, therapist, artist, supporting others professionally since 2002. Working in community settings and private practice, offering private and group work. My art has been published and is on public display.

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