Getting Big

Last week at Esalen was a powerful process for me. I love these intuitive painting workshops as there is no end to the self-discovery that can emerge while working with one’s energy.  (note: these paintings are for process, not product, please do not judge or criticize artistically) For me, I got stuck getting super attached… Continue reading Getting Big

Proverbial Mountain

If its easy to get knocked out of your bliss state by hanging out with the less than enlightened folks, perhaps it is not strong enough to begin with. There is a time when we may need to protect and nurture ourselves, and the cave is good. I’m all for the cave, and surrounding ourselves… Continue reading Proverbial Mountain

Listening to My Own Inner Teacher

Today, we are so lucky – there is an amazing cornucopia of spiritual teachers, paths to enlightenment, healing modalities and personal development programs out there. It is an amazing sign of our times – I am thankful for every new yoga studio and life coach I see cropping up, as that shows there is real… Continue reading Listening to My Own Inner Teacher

The Inner Universe, and the Outer Great Being

Recently I’ve been contemplating the inner and outer reflections, the “as above, so below” metaphor, in which the universe both appears to be outside ourselves, mirrored inside ourselves.  This was sparked by a couple different sessions with clients. In the first, the client felt the whole universe open up inside her body… and then a… Continue reading The Inner Universe, and the Outer Great Being

A-choo! Oh-no, what do I do now?

Feeling under the weather? I get so many questions from clients when the seasons change and the bugs start going around, that I figured I’d share with everyone, what to do when you come down sick, or feel under the weather… For starters, if you have an appointment with a health practitioner, massage therapist, healer,… Continue reading A-choo! Oh-no, what do I do now?